Baby Dedication




    The act of baby dedication is a church tradition, not a biblical mandate.


    Nowhere in Scripture does the Bible command parents to dedicate their children. However, God’s Word is very clear in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 and Ephesians 6:1-4 that it is the responsibility of the parents, as stewards of God, to shepherd their children to know, honor, love and obey God.


    At New Life Church, we keep the church tradition of baby dedications as a way to allow parents:

    • an opportunity to publicly covenant with God, their children and their church
    • they are dedicated as parents to follow Jesus, model the Christian life and shepherd their children to know and love Jesus. We see this in Jesus' own life when his parents took him to the Temple to be dedicated to the Lord in Luke 2:22-32.


    Excitement is high on Dedication Day, and we want to remind you of a few things that might otherwise not be thought of. . .

    • Normally, those attending with small infants tend to sit toward the rear of the Sanctuary so that an escape is swifter in the event that the baby becomes fussy.

    • We invite you and your family and friends to sit near the front on Dedication Day .

    However, after the dedication, it would be wise to take the little one & sit toward the back.

    • With all the added changes in your little one's experiences that day, it is often too much of a challenge to ask him or her to sit quietly in front of all those people.  If you have invited

    friends and family members to attend with their young children, please let them know that after the dedication they can join you at the back of the CYC, or where all will be comfortable for the rest of the service. They are also invited to take their little one to the nursery if they so choose.

    To complete a baby dedication request form, click here.